Night view Old Port of Dubrovnik Croatia
Fort Lauderdale Port Everglades Loading Cranes - Sunset
Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II bridge reflected in Tiber River
Haleakala Maui Summit Sunset
St Peter's Basilica Dome
Alex Smith Playoff Touchdown run vs New Orleans Saints
Louvre Museum Glass Pyramid & pond designed by I.M. Pei
London St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel
Eiffel Tower view from Elevator
Snow Covered Mountains of Alaska seen from 39,000 Feet
Golden Gate Bridge at twilight with rush hour traffic
Lake Jenkinson - Sly Park - HDR Image
Calm Blue water of Caribbean Reflect Clouds from Sky
Red Sky Sunrise with Morning Dew
The Brooklyn Bridge at Night with Reflections on the East River
Japanese Tea Garden - Hilo Hawaii  - Liliuokalani Park
King Philip IV of Spain statue in Santa Maria Maggiore
Star Trails - North Star
San Francisco 49ers vs Miami Dolphins - Candlestick Park

Whether it's using a long and heavy to carry 400mm ultra fast lens at a National Football League game to capture the action unfolding before me, or walking around Europe with just a wide angle zoom to capture what all the tourists capture, I love taking photos. Almost all the photos on this page have been captured using a digital medium, with just a few from the bygone days of film.

Some of these amazing photos were capture just a few steps from my front door and across the street, while other involved 11 to 15 hours of flying to reach Europe and then cruising on a ship 1,000's of miles to reach exotic ports. All of the stops on one of those cruises is chronicled in this Mediterranean blog post from my website.

Looking at the details of each image capture, some were made with a 15mm fisheye lens, and on the other end of the spectrum, the longest lens used was 560mm. The shortest time used to capture an image was 1/3200 of second, while one photo is 168 photos stacked on top of each other to create one image that captures 1.5 hours. Some of the photos were taken at sea level by standing in an ocean, while one sunset was captured in Maui at 10,023 feet above sea level, and another was made while traveling at 600 miles per hour while at an elevation of 32,000 feet.

Enjoy them all.