Groom pouring Bride glass of Wine
Wedding Album Title Page
Bride getting Ready in Bombay Room
Maid of Honor Adjusting Brides Veil
Full length portrait of Bride on Bed
Bride Coming Down Stairs for First Look
Bridal Portrait with pond full of lilies at backdrop
Bride and Maid of Honor Horizontal Portrait
Bride showing different moods for portraits
Flowers decorate the Outdoor Wedding Ceremony
Outdoor Wedding in the Napa - Sonoma Valley
Full Catholic Mass Outside - White Robed Monks
Formal photos of Wedding party after ceremony
Detail images around the Nicholson Ranch Winery
Wine being served in the underground wine cellar
Silhouette  of Bride against white background
Eight empty Wine Glasses reflecting the light
Bride and Groom posing for photo in front of Pond
Groom dipping Bride while they Dance Outside
The Nicholson Ranch Winery sits perched on a hill that offers wonderful views of the Sonoma Valley. Just miles from the Napa Valley the Nicholson Ranch Winery hosts a limited number of weddings each year. The proximity to the Pacific Ocean usually creates a late afternoon sea breeze that allows for outdoor receptions in the mild temperatures. After the outside meal, guests head indoors for dancing and the other reception activities.