Bay Bridge Lower Deck Motorcycle with Dogs
Pittsburg BART station light Streaks
SUV hauling mattresses on roof with dog looking out
Budweiser - The King of Beers
The new span of the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge
Sunset along highway 680 in Fremont California
Dragging the shutter at twilight while traveling 65 MPH
Fishing Boat - Striper on wheels
Sunset with Clouds on Vasco Road and the Windmills
Ahern rental truck with sunlight starburst
Cyclist riding on the Golden Gate Bridge walkway
Drunk Closed Byron Inn Cafe
Standing while riding his motorcycle on Highway Four

Many times driving in the rush hour traffic of the San Francisco Bay Area can be boring or repetitive. Every once and a while you pass something out of the ordinary that's up close and personal that can be captured using a Canon 15mm Fisheye lens. All these photos in this gallery were made with a Canon digital camera and the afore mentioned 15mm Canon lens.

All the images were captured with Canon cameras using the RAW format. To create the photos seen in this gallery, all of the images were processed with Aurora HDR software to bring out more of the detail and pop the colors. Many of the images were captured using fill flash from a Canon flash. The advantage of using the Canon flash is that I was able to use the high speed flash feature, and photographed some of the pictures with flash sync up to 1/1600 of a second.

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