Mayflower Seafood Restaurant Wedding
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Mayflower Seafood Restaurant Wedding

They were married earlier in the day at the now closed Palmdale Estates in Fremont. Turns out all that wonderful space and green grass with a big shaddy trees will make way for 79 homes and and new care housing for the Sisters of the Holy Family which own the entire site.

After the wedding ceremony it was over to the Mayflower Seafood restaurant in Union City to feed their over 200 wedding reception guests. To remember everybody that attended the reception the couple took a photo with everybody who attended as they entered the restaurant. It turned out to be over 100 photos with guests when all was said and done.

The Mayflower Seafood Restaurant is located in Union City, California. Phone: (510) 489-8386 Website:

Location: Mayflower Seafood Restaurant 34348 Alvarado-Niles Road Union City, CA 94587.

1/1250; f/3.2; ISO 250; 135.0 mm.